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Set during, and in the aftermath of the First World War, this poignant drama follows the lives of three members of the Duke of Cornwall’s Light Infantry, on an incredible journey from the mines of Cornwall to the fields of Flanders, and back home again.

Surfing Tommies is a moving tale of war and friendship, but ultimately one of redemption, forgiveness and hope. Along the way we watch characters fall in and out of love, meet with mazed beauties, and befriend the very first surfers in the unlikeliest of surroundings. Though set in the early twentieth century, this darkly mischievous play makes comment on current conflicts around the world, and what it is like to be away from where you d’belong t’be.


“‘Electric’ Tragedy jolts audience”

“....exciting on the printed page but electric in performance”

this performance hit its audience as hard as enemy machine guns hit those brave enough to go over the top at the Somme, such was the standard of performance that there was hardly a dry eye in the house.
Cornishman 2.7.09

...Surfing Tommies is a celebration of Cornish heritage and a touching and funny portrayal of friendship, love and family ties. The play’s presentation of the effect of war upon soldiers and their families is poignantly relevant to the modern day and is acted with incredible perception and sensitivity by the fantastically gifted cast.”
Vicky Webb - Behind The Fringe

“...I laughed a million times and cried three times. THAT WAS AMAZING.”
Fringe Review

“OUTSTANDING. Excellent acting, funny yet very moving. A must see.”


“I have just returned from Callington town hall where I saw the absolutely brilliant Surfing Tommies. Every one with the slightest interest in drama must see this superb production.”

“Truly moved. My husband is in the Navy and my brother in law is currently in Iraq. Surfing Tommies so beautifully encapsulates the experience of war and even though it's not so close anymore, the danger is no less and every day I hope and pray that our family and friends will come home safe and sound. I can't underestimate the value of someone being prepared to give up their life for me, for us, and the pressure of that on those who commit to that service is extraordinary and unbearable. Surfing Tommies made me laugh, cry and think in equal measure. Thank you for presenting Cornish touring theatre at its best. Characterful, challenging, moving, relevant and very very funny.”

“Fantastic, energetic, funny and very very sad - an emotional roller-coaster. It was fab!”

“Wonderful performance and moving story. Loved it. I cannot believe what I have seen.”

“Fantastic - comic yet very very moving. Thank you.”

“Simply one of the best theatre pieces we've EVER seen - easily equals, if not surpasses, Footsbarn & Kneehigh.”

“Cracking story, brilliantly performed.”