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Iron Shoes Theatre

R&D at Bush Theatre

It is for people interested in music, comedy, poetry, theatre, theatrically, David Bowie, glitter. It is for anyone prone to depression or struggling with adult life and in need of escapism.

It is a musical for people who might normally hate musicals, but love Dancer in the Dark and The Muppets.

It is for young people that are interested in live music. Perhaps people who haven't been to the theatre much or people who didn't think they liked musicals. It is for young adults aged 16 -30 struggling with the everyday grind of life.

It will be funny.

It will be sad.

It will provoke thought.It will end with a dance.It will make the audience feel GOOD. 

A theatrical mash up for all the senses. A truly visceral performance. High fashion, beautiful music, a moving story, vulnerable and beautiful performers. An hour away from the real world.An absolute injection of joy and escapism routed in honesty and reality.

It will feel other wordly, magical and colourful.
WHATTell us about your idea
We would like to develop a new musical with performance poet, musician and comedian Brigitte Aphrodite. Brigitte is currently writing and recording her debut studio album with Kate Nash’s label Have 10p Records. We would like to develop a new musical based on and using the music from this album.  The working title is My Beautiful Black Dog.

‘Black dog is what Winston Churchill used to call his depression…I have a beautiful black dog and I called her creshendorius.

Since the age of 23 I have suffered bouts of depression it feels mild and controllable the worst has been not being able to get out of bed for three weeks... for the first time I have had the urge and courage to explore this experience through my art...'
(Brigitte Aphrodite)