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Iron Shoes Theatre

Ginge, Geordie & The Geek

Fast-paced sketch show featuring quick-fire and narrative sketches. The Ginge (Graeme Rooney), the Geordie (Paul Charlton) and the Geek (Kevin O'Loughlin) are an award-winning comedy trio who were discovered at the Edinburgh comedy festival. The series features an array of unique characters - crime busting nuns, 1950s scientists who are trying to break the female code, criminal seagulls who will do anything to get chips and a scarecrow who falls in love with a bird. Their surreal take on life is a totally fresh approach to comedy and, of course, very funny.
This time, ventriloquist Bob causes heartbreak for his puppet; hoping to break the female code, the Codebreakers discover an important date; a lollipop man gets angry; and a pizza dances in the big finale